Woodsl Lake is a private lake.  For that reason, you do not need a State fhshing license to fish here.

A word about the Fish you will find in Woods' Lake.

You will find mostly Bass, Brim, Crappie, Catfish, and Carp in this lake.  In order to keep the lake healthy, we ask you to respect the following rules.

If you catch a Carp:    They must be returned to the lake. or pay $1.00 a pound for them.  Carp aren't good to eat, and are here because they help keep the lake clean.  Besides, some people love to catch a big fish.

If you Catch a Bass:    Assuming it meets the state minimum size for bass you are welcome to  keep it if you wish, or you may return it to the lake. 

Any other fish you catch :     Please do not return them to the lake for any reason, they won't grow.  We're not being mean, we do this to keep the fish population in the lake in balance.  Many fish species multiply very rapidly resulting in overpopulation.  This is how we try and avoid that.  If you don't want to keep them, bring them to us and we'll dipose of them for you.