The Bobber shop offers Live bait to our customers.

We feature Live minnows which we keep in lake water as opposed to county water.  We keep them in lake water because municipal water supplys add chemicals to the water in order to make the water safe for you and me to drink.  Unfortunately, those same chemicals are extremely unhealthy for minnows. 

For that reason, most Minnow retailers have to add even more chemicals to their water, in order to nutualize the chemicals municipalities add to the water.  That's More chemicals on top of chemicals.  Given the fact minnows are fragile to start with and we have a nice clean lake right here, we pump water out of our the lake and into our minnow tanks because we believe it's healthier for the fish..  Many of our regualr customers tell us we're on to something because most tell us the minnows they get here live longer.  WE apopreciate hearing things like that because we always try and offer you the best value we can.

We also offer two differnnt kinds of worms, Nght Crawlers, and Red Wigglers at competitive prices.  Plus  bobbers, hooks, Trout chow, and the various ingredients for Carp and Catfish well as drinks and snacks for hungry fishermen.

We're open from 7 to 7, Sunday Through Thursday, 6 AMto 8PM. Friday, and Saturday.