This one is easy

Adults are $6.00 a day.   Once you pay, you are paid for the entire day.  You may come and go as you please. 

Young people and Seniors are $5.00  Same thing applies to you, fish all day, go and come as you please,


Please remember Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Children 8 and under still fish Free when accompanied by a paying adult (We figure anyone with the fortitude needed to manage "sub 8 year olds" on a fishing trip deserves a break!) 

Feel free to go and come as you please. If you discover you left something at home, go get it. Want to go something to eat, fine, you're paid up for the entire day. We just want to keep pricing simple. We are not trying to make tons of money from of the lake, we just want those who use it to help keep the place nice. In the interest of simplicity and in an effort to be fair, there are no half day rates, no evening rates, no morning only rates. We once considered half day rates but we would have had to charge more to everyone to do that because of the extra cost needed to keep up with who paid for what. We just wanted to keep it simple. You pay to fish, how long you do is up to you. We offer admission discounts to groups of 10 fishermen or more. Get details on that at the fishing shack.

A word about Night Fishing: we have no lights to safely allow night fishing. The costs of operating the lights alone doubles what it costs us to stay open during the day. We do occasionally allow trusted individuals to fish at night as long as the parties involved understand the risks and assume responsibility for their own safety.

If you want to fish at night, call us at 336-434-6582 or talk to us in person. Let us know when, and we'll try to accommodate you. As stated, permission to fish at night is granted on an individual basis, occasionally it isn't possible for one reason or another but we'll try to do anything we can to make your visit a pleasant one.