Fish anywhere around our lake except in our front yard.

Once upon a time we had fishermen who liked to set up camp in front of our house.   When my bride looked out ourwindow to see her lake, all she saw was a dozen of so fishermen with tjeor butt cracks hanging off their chairs!  She is entitled to an unobstructed view so, we ask nicely that you to PLEASE allow her that view.

In the spring, we have geese and ducks who nest near the lake.  We are thrilled with this because for a few weeks we have ducklings and goslings swimming in the lake, and the kids love to see them.  For your own safety, avoid ducks or geese sitting on nests.  They will attack if they feel threatened. 

If you bring it with you, Please take it with you.

Doing so cuts down on the amount of mowing time needed to keep the place clean (which also, cuts down on what we have to charge for you to fish here). Anything you leave on the bank (like fishing line, hooks, etc) must be picked up before we mow and that takes more time, resulting in Higher costs.  We want to keep things reasonable here, and we can with your help.

In short,

                                                          There are trash cans around the lake. PLEASE use them.

Alcohol, Profanity or unruly conduct will NOT be tolerated.

We are not in business of telling anyone how to run their life and we don't go around checking coolers.  If you can put your beverages in a sleeve we don't know what you are drinking , that's your business.  If you BEHAVE YOURSELF and take your empties with you leave, what we don't know, won't heart us.  On the other hand, if we get a complaint, you could be asked to leave.   We are running a FAMILY fishing lake here.  For that reason, we certainly don't want anyone to worry about sending their children or grandchildren here to fish.  Family values are important to us, as is keeping youngsters safe. Our sole reason for opening Woods' Lake in the first place. was so kids would have a nice, safe, clean, place to go fishing.